About the Dancer

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Bringing flamenco movement into the research environment is challenging, but exciting. It requires a deliberate balancing, to be faithful to the art and the science. “Performing the Data” led to researcher and participant conversations about embodiment in research. This was the first time I brought my “whole self” into the academic room. Looking back over my artistic career, I can see that a transformation has occurred.


Previous flamenco performances that contributed to the higher education environment:

Moira Lewitt with Eva Möller (flamenco guitar)

  • Karolinska Institutet Without Borders; Cirkus Theatre, including on-stage interview (2007)

Moira Lewitt with Eva Möller (flamenco guitar), Sabina Agnas (classical guitar) and Ann Ostling (flute)

  • Celebrating the contributions of Professor Kerstin Hall: IGFs: The Return Trip from Bench to Bedside, held in Nobel Forum, Karolinska Institutet (2004)
  • Karolinska Institutet Education Conference with a presentation entitled “Motivation for effective learning”; a talk about the Art of Flamenco followed by performance (2006)

Key influences: workshops with successful artists

Regular attendance at workshops organised by the Biennal, Sevilla (2000) and the Flamenco Festival, Jerez de la Frontera (2001-2018)

  • Belén Maya
  • Eva Yerbabuena
  • El Güito
  • Manolete
  • Blanca del Rey
  • María del Mar Moreno
  • La Truco
  • Pastora Galván
  • Isabel Bayón
  • La Moneta
  • Javier Barón
  • Javier Latorre
  • Inmaculada Aguilar
  • Manuela Carrasco

Early performance experience (dance and flute) in the professional companies of teachers: